Monday, December 6, 2004

Chin down

I've known for a while that I work better while lying on my belly on the floor. Desks are okay but the floor is my ideal. Sitting on the floor works, but lying down is preferable.

Me and the laptop lying alone in my dorm on the floor. Now you know why I vacuum obsessively. Now you know why my back gets sore all the time. Or maybe you didn't know that. I always sit with my seat straight up when I drive. Yesterday I drove through a freaking parade just to return a stack of books at the library. The book that was being held for me was mysteriously gone, so now I have to get back on this massive waiting list which sucks because Ange and I were supposed to discuss it over break. Bah. I was salty because they had the "De-Lovely" soundtrack so I could have just burned it. Oh well- it's worth the money I suppose. And I picked up the soundtrack for "A Mighty Wind".

I need to start planning my dinners. It's getting kind of scary because a lot of people are asking me when they are and they're people who haven't ever been invited. I refuse to cook for 30 people on two nights. I don't have a long enough table. I need to start prepping myself so I can beat all of my friends hardcore at Scattergories.

My back is killing me. This is one of the most random posts ever. Tomorrow I'll try to throw on a poem or something.